Year of the Snake – Black Water Snake

by Trinity S. Thomas on February 10, 2013


On the Chinese New Year, February 10, 2013, we entered the Year of the Snake. Specifically the Year of the Black Water Snake. The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac repeat every 12 years, but as the five elements are partnered with the animals, it is only every 60 years that the specific pattern of animal (snake) and element (black water) repeat. According to Stephanie Austin at, the Year of the Black Water Snake is about transformation and the power of the feminine. According to, the year is one of “gradual and gathered strength”, cosmic awareness, and integration with Source. I was born in the Year of the Snake.

Snakes shedding their skin is a commonly known fact and often cited metaphor. Less well known is the fascinating fact that snakes become temporarily blind as they shed their skin. In my case, this is particularly true. I have been surprised and not entirely pleased to discover that as I find myself in the midst of somewhat uncomfortably shedding my old skin, and a little raw as the new covering settles in, I am also feeling unusually blind. Not lost, just blind. I have a sense of where I am and how I’m shifting, but I can’t really see, anything, much less the road ahead and where the choices I’m faced with, and making, lead! I have to feel my way. (This feeling business is coming up a lot. Feels like the water element in the year is highlighting it.) My Inner Oracle is sending out great occasional clear messages. But they are very broad and in the moment. Such as, “Don’t do that!” “Pay attention to this!” “Yes, go with this a little longer.” I miss my customary broad and brilliant ability to Vision. I look forward to learning the qualities of my new skin.

Traditionally, the Year of the Snake contains radical cultural or sometimes physically dramatic shifts. The last one was 2001, with falling towers and attendant alterations in airline travel and other customs and protocols in The United States. We are invited to view the likely world drama in this year without our acquired pessimism or cynicism; to view events as demonstrations of dead skin being released. The gyrations of the world stage work as thorns to pull the old skin, the old ways, free, making way for new growth.

I’m in Abadiania, Brazil, at The Casa de Dom Ignacio, where John of God performs healing miracles with the support of tens of thousands of spiritual healers working with and through him. I carry the snake signature; four days after I arrived, we entered the Year of the Black Water Snake. I have learned to honor the call of The Casa, knowing I will discover the synchronicities and alignments that make it the perfect time to be here, once I arrive.

I am feeling a profound shift in energy in my life and on my planet post-12-21-12. At The Casa, I am noticing that everything is greatly speeded up. The spirit surgeries are much quicker, the physical surgeries are quicker, the lines of waiting pilgrims move faster, my thoughts and feelings create quicker, and I move through my own processes quicker. The challenges seem a bit increaesed; likely due to the increased strength and speed of the planetary energies in general. My perspective is definitely affected by my location and environment. The very air I breathe here is full of spiritual presence, potent with possibility for partnership with all sorts of unseen realms. With every step I feel patterns shifting, moving, leaving, birthing.

I have never felt anywhere on Earth as potent for transformation as this amazing spot – a culmination of tens of thousand of spirit workers, 40 years of miracles through an extraordinary channel, an unparalleled human support team, in a land of potent indigenous shamanism mixed with ancient African energy wisdom, physically placed on a huge mesa of living quartz crystal, containing a truly magical waterfall with an astonishingly present elemental presence. I am so aware of being tremendously graced and perfectly placed!

Snakes are ancient archetypes of feminine, healing, transformative power. What I feel about the Year of the Black Water Snake, is that it is a year of Divine Feminine, Goddess, Inner Oracles Rising. A year of liberation of the places in each of us that have contracted to fit within a broken system on the brink of renewal. A year when our love breaks free; the love we kept alive as an ember while we waited for a few more links to form in a planetary consciousness grid, a few more strands of DNA to activate, a few more pieces of a puzzle we still can’t see in fullness to spiral in and take their places. So that we could unfurl what we had kept twisted, dormant, and deep inside. I feel my own Inner Oracle stirring, stretching, reaching for new life, the rich oxygen of true companions, the liberation of the most creative imaginings of my soul.

In my third week at the John of God town in Brazil, my mind is taking a backseat as my heart grows in willingness to lead. Willingness to fill me with its truth and power. I can feel the feminine energies rising. Not the gender, but the feminine qualities in every living being that resonate to the Divine Feminine, in males and females, plants/animals/elements/crystals: the archetypal return of the Divine Feminine to grace our reality.

New skin is just right for right now. New skin for new energies, new ways to see once our true sight is restored, ancientness unbound, feminine power flowing, Inner Oracles rising.

Welcome to the Year of the Black Water Snake. I invite you to move through temporary blindness into new sensing and release the most potent knowing and vision of your soul!

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