Year of the Wood Horse – It’s Showtime, People!

by Trinity S. Thomas on January 30, 2014

We are on the brink of entering into the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse which we have not experienced since 1954. As I have recently begun to take note of the Chinese Year archetypes and heighten my awareness of how their qualities may affect my life, I’ve been quite surprised. This past Chinese Year of the Water Snake was a time of so much unexpected change I was forced to keep notes! I felt like an archeologist of my own inner workings, dormant longings, and most safely guarded truths. At the same time I felt so much just leaving me, some of it treasured and presumed to be permanent. I learned not to hold on. I’m still learning to be comfortable with that. Still learning to live in my new skin.

Which brings me to current time, always a goal. This Wood Horse year presents many opportunities within it’s classicly defined qualities. A Wood Horse is believed to be the most reasonable and least impatient of all the Elements of Horses. Thank goodness, I say.

A bit of research reveals that Kwan Yin holds the white celestial cloud horse sacred, riding it to bring peace and blessings to humanity. And apparently the Horse Year is associated with raising voices and speaking our truths, always dear to my heart. Aligned closely with the element of Fire, the Horse Year offers us a time of fast movement and transformation.

In my past hypnotherapy practice, several clients encountered a horse in their process who offered them a way out of an unwanted situation, a quick escape to a new version of their lives. Allowing these archetypes to speak to us through Sign Language is always a great idea, as metaphors are by their nature more expansive than classic definitions or so-called facts. They are a great invitation to our Inner Oracle, to access meaning from the place in us that knows. Often we can Vision a new ending to an old story, freeing ourselves to move to a higher octave of experience.

The Greek Goddess Athena has shared directly with me her experience of taming horses through joining them on their wild rides and falling in love with them as they carried her across the vast landscapes. Of how she had to surrender to their incredible power and allow them to choose the direction of her flight. And in so doing, the great archetypal energy of the horse became willing to work with humans to begin a mutually supportive relationship. Perhaps this is a year when we recognize and fall in love with powerful new forces, learning to ride together, to be taken in new directions.

As I write I am imagining the tale of the Trojan Horse, in which soldiers planned a sneak attack by presenting a large wooden horse as a gift, hiding inside it as it was taken within the walls of the compound, and emerging in the still night as a surprise. There’s an element in this year I can’t quite put my finger on, perhaps about enjoying a wild ride on this Year of the Horse energy and being a bit surprised about where we end up. Emerging in some way into a previously inaccessible place that provides unexpected opportunities.

When I feel into the Horse Year I feel rapid movement, an addition of great power, an impulse to call out to the world to announce what I see on the horizon, ‘straight from the horse’s mouth.’ Like Paul Revere in the early days of our country, who rode a horse through the night to let people know the British were coming, I would announce, “It’s Showtime, people!”


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