Your Singing Heart

by Trinity S. Thomas on August 5, 2013

I’ve been birthing a new phase of myself for a while. I was wondering why the words that have always just poured out of me seemed to have stopped. Not only in the written form, but even verbally. I have been quite quiet for the past several months. Still traveling and teaching, dealing with all the parts of my life the same, but quiet. Internally and externally. It took me a while to realize I was actually birthing something new.

Recently an aspect of me has become more coherent and present. She has been speaking through me lately. Elora. Greek for the Light of God. She announced her name about a year ago, then seemed to disappear. She says she was deepening. I have channeled SourceLight for many years, always asking for a guidance stream that formed an identity I could relate to, with a name. Elora seems just right. Today she said:

Live from Essence.

Create from Presence.

Lead a Revolution

With your Singing Heart.

Excellent direction! I am enjoying this stream of communication from somewhere deep in myself, so much. She is lively and lighthearted. I can feel strong energy from her through me even in the silences. Sometimes with clients I just silently let the energy pour through me and they tell me they ‘feel their heart melt’ or that suddenly they are happy and optimistic or out of nowhere answers to their questions just arrive. We are in early days with this new partnership. The perspective is big with this Elora stream. I like her. I really, really like her. She feels not quite human, maybe a bit cosmic, but with oh so much humor to share! I’m looking forward to sharing her more widely….but just for today I’m contemplating leading a revolution with my Singing Heart!

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