Yuna Kim Imagines Oneness

by Trinity S. Thomas on February 24, 2014

Yuna Kim        In the Iceskating Gala at the recent Sochi Olympics I was overwhelmed by the visual beauty-in-motion of so many skaters, I already had tears forming behind my eyes. The amazing ability of these athletes to embody such grace and emotion physically, within narrowly stipulated and difficult movements, is a study of precision in consciousness that has inspired me for decades! When Yuna Kim took the ice to perform to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ I could not hold my tears  back any longer. She had me at “Imagine!”

          The extraordinary presence she brought to her performance somehow communicated from her heart to mine the hopes and dreams of a young Korean girl who not only understood oneness beyond political boundaries, but had embodied it. And embodied it in a way that allowed her to be an international icon for the hopes of her heart, becoming a UN Goodwill Ambassador, donating her entire 2011 earnings to Japan earthquake relief, and now, skating to John Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’ as the final act of her stellar career on Olympic ice.

          In a competition in which she did not win the gold medal, a competition where the judging has been called loudly into question, she moved beyond politics and controversy to anchor in her presence and radiate the potential for Oneness to the millions of viewers as her final message and contribution to her planet. I actually felt the field of her heart with the field of my heart. The Oracle Heart which, when activated, allows us each to touch the quantum field where prophecy and oneness reside.

          If you haven’t seen this, find it. Let it inform your own heart with the Oneness and potential of our planet. Beauty in motion, indeed. Imagine.

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